Wednesday, 16 May 2012

khuddi ka sir e nihan...

khuddi ka sir e nihan la ilaha illAllah
khuddi hai tegh fisshan la illaha il Allah

Kuddi is the power and manifestation of the self, the secret of this power lies in the realization that power, in its wholeness, lies within one, supreme Ruler. Khuddi seems like self-appraisal from the outside but from inside it is the total downing of the self to the higher, most exotic Self. Therefore only the possessor of khuddi can own extensive powers owing to its connection with the Illah, no other than Allah. In fact khuddi is the sword of its Master and its rage manifests the absolute one world (one universe) order of its supreme Lord.

ye dour apnay Barahim ki talaash mei hai
sanamkadda hai jahan la illaha il Allah

Abraham encountered idols in the temple but today material and glamour have become so compulsive that they dominate on every thought system and every heart. Every heart is indulged in love affairs with all possible 'others', in fact there are idols all around us and not a single Baraheem to smash them and to bring humanity to the la illaha illa.

kia hai tou ne matta e ghroor ka souda
faraib soud o zayan la illaha il Allah

The material world is imagery and the scientist of matter has been abducted by the quality and the quantity. His tries to measure his heart’s secret desires with the same scales of measurement. He thinks that the gains and losses of matter are those of his self, but the self is connect to a seemingly abstract reality, a reality hidden behind the imagery, the losses and gains of the self relate to this invisible yet Absolute Love.

ye maal o daulat e dunya ye rishta o pewand
buttan e waham o gumman la illaha il Allah

The la illaha mysteriously cuts off the ‘self’ from all relations to the ‘others’ and binds it with Itself, then returns the self into relations with the others on Its own grounds. The ideas harboured by the self in its own interpretation, warp it in their own cloak of illusion but the ideas that are made relative to the Absolute Idea are real and enhanced.

kirad hui hai jamman o makkan ki zannari
na hai zamman na makkan la illaha il Allah

(Zannar is a thread worn by Hindu Brahamans on their bellies to get the protection of the spirits). Intellect has become thread bound in the idea of space and time, in the bigger reality there is no time or space. The thought feels secure in this limited system and does not attempt to think beyond; once the thought, strips itself out of this web of space/time, it find itself face to face with the la illaha il Allah.

Ye nagma fasl e gul o lala ka nahein paband
Bahar ho kay khizan la illaha il Allah

The spirit drenched in the intoxication of its Beloved, vibrates at the hidden tunes of nature and dances with the rhythms of the ultimate Truth, all experience is worthwhile for it, as each event takes it closer to reality; joy and grief are not dependent on loss or gain, pleasure or pain but on the remoteness of the lover from its Beloved.  

Aggarcay but hein jammaat ki aastenoon mein
Mujjhay hai hukm e azzan la illaha il Allah

The Illah is the supreme holder of all the threads of happenings, those who strangle with these threads, strangle themselves evermore, at odds with the Command; the self that is deputized by the ultimate Commander has only to spread the word of the command, it is in the security of the command and armies have been readied for his backing; behold all gods hidden in the hearts and the minds will be ultimately smashed by the la illaha il Allah.


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