Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Somalian Pirates And The Local Bandits

Somalian Pirates And The Local Bandits

What a world we are living in, the severed developing-world, as if, we are in the midst of a blustery wind, the sand has entered our eyes and the blades of the wind are to cut us down into paralysis. This is the despair of helplessness, when we see our fellow men being persecuted and find our hands tied in circumstances; we have everything but we can do nothing.

We haven’t forgotten Raymond Davis, from Jan. 2011, who was secretly deported, probably in a Tom-Cruise-CIA-style, when the big crooks: the US government officials told the little crooks: the Pakistani government officials not to prosecute Davis and recognize him as a diplomat; Mr. Obama stated that, “There’s a broader principle at stake that I think we have to uphold.”, not stating that the broader principle is: ‘big crooks always have to win’ and that ‘we should forget that he is a CIA operative’, reminding us that they have all the immunity they need under the very-big-crook, ‘the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations’, under which they can kill, conspire against another country, break their laws for the broader principle called the ‘US interests’, which of course are ‘de-mock-racy and freedom for everyone’. So the smaller crooks, under the honourable shadow of Mr. Zardarri and Mr. Gillanni, let their man disappear on grounds that they simply can’t disregard their elders.

Just two months prior to this incident another depressing incident had taken place, a bunch of quite-a-smaller-crooks at the coast of Somalia had seized the Pakistani ship, MV Albedo, abducting the 23 crew members in it. In the last 18 months reports have come of the ordeal faced by the crew, going through severe mental and physical conditions. The families of the crew are constantly appealing to the government and the people of the country to help them in the collection of the ransom money, but as yet nor has a penny fallen from the government’s pocket neither have they endeavoured to negotiate a way out for these men.

The honour and sense of protection one experiences being a party to real big crooks is sensational; in Raymond’s case not only the whole US government machinery but the United Nation itself seemed to be bent on rescuing this man and they did eventually enshroud him in their cape of invisibility. There is also a lot of protection and honour in a poor country like Pakistan, the president and the prime-minister have immunity from law and the common sense of the public, their close relatives have the honour of being granted right-off-able loans of hundreds of millions, their close friends have the protection of being granted from a wide choice of ministries, in case they loose one. But is there any protection for the decent man, who works through his duty to earn a living and he is not a crook. Is there any honour for his family, who are helplessly being seen in tents collecting ransom money? How much is $1.4 million for the face-saving of a whole nation, how does it feel to a body whose wound is left open to bleed, how do you educate a people, if you educate them to bear disgrace.

There is no doubt that this meager amount of money is no big deal for Pakistan’s silent philanthropists, who if awakened just a little bit, will not fail to heal this little rapture. But that is not the question! The question is, is there no room for human compassion in politics, is it only the name of grab and run, and not turn back to see how many have fallen? The question is, how much would Mr. Zardarri or Mr. Gillani be sparing from their personal pocket if it was one of their own sons or a close ally. But surely it is not for our honourable leaders to be dealing with such lowly crooks as the Somalian pirates, that also for the recovery of the sons and fathers of a decent lot.


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